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Big Band Videos and Recordings

Subterranean Nuclear Garbage Fire

2019 Downbeat Student Music Award Winner 

2019 Grand Prize Winner - New York Youth Symphony First Music Jazz Commission.

Giant Steps

Performed by UNC Lab One at the 2019 UNC-Greeley Jazz Festival with Kenyon Brenner, Greg Gisbert, and Don Aliquo.

Jacket Weather

Performed by the 2017 UNC-Greeley Jazz Festival High School Honor Band.

Liquid Descent

The Airmen of Note performing Liquid Descent at the Young Composers Showcase during the 2018 Jazz Education Network Conference.

Bohemia After Dark

Greg's arrangement of Bohemia After. Performed by the 2018 UNC-Greeley Jazz Festival All-Stars. Solos by Clay Jenkins, Antonio Hart, Dave Pietro, Kenyon Brenner, and Jim White.

The Queen of Hearts

Original composition for big band and electronic track. Performed at Mercury Cafe in 2018 by UNC Lab 1.

Rebellion Against The One

This original composition's title is inspired by Christopher Booker's Seven Basic Plots.  Rebellion Against The One is the name that Booker gives to the plot archetype in 1984.

Upper Manhattan Medical Group

Performed by UNC Lab 1.

Greg Weis


Greg Weis



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